Why Us?

  • You can afford us!
  • Because: We simplify the process!
  • Because: You know exactly what you're getting for your hard-earned cash!

Is this all too much for you? Whether this is your first attempt or you are a veteran event planner, the choices involved in a catered event are often overwhelming. What to order, how much to order, how much it will cost, etc. are rarely easy decisions. Here's what we promise: We will simplify the process, meet your needs, and work within your budget! You'll know what you can get for what you can spend before you ever commit to a single thing!


Who are we?

Founded in 1997 and now located at 50 Long Pond Road, Plymouth Massachusetts. Jacomo, Inc. Catering prepares, delivers, and serves some of the most traditional Italian dishes for any occasion. For over twelve years Jacomo Inc. has served the Plymouth County residents, operating a very successful Pizza & Café style restaurant, catering to many local businesses. Our restaurant has been recently moved to the new location noted above, in the Brigantine Square Plaza across from Friendly’s on Long Pond Road. Our enlarged headquarters allows for much larger seating and accommodates groups of up to 50 people comfortably.

In addition we offer a fine catering menu, and deliver and serve many local parties and events. Our motto: No fish to big too Fry!

For more information about our menu, events, and facilities please CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!